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More people are dying on the streets of the world's cities than in conflict zones – yet society has failed to give the problem sufficient attention. 

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Peace in Our Cities is a diverse network driven by its members’ need to address severe violence. We partner with cities and organizations around the world to achieve one bold, unifying goal of halving urban violence in cities by 2030. We network to reduce and prevent urban violence—preserving lives and helping cities thrive.

Our Goals

Peace in Our Cities, launched in 2019, and has since evolved into a unique global platform working to:

  • Amplify policymaker awareness of the genuine scope and scale of urban violence and opportunities available to help cities address it.
  • Advance evidence-informed policy solutions and peacebuilding approaches to reduce the most severe forms of violence in urban contexts.
  • Accompany city leaders, community partners, and civil society through peer-exchanges and information access to realize ambitious targets for violence reduction.

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Featured Event

Peace in Our Cities Symposium

June 2023: Peace in Our Cities network members and partners gathered in Medellin, Colombia for the first 'Peace in Our Cities Symposium on Urban Violence'.

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