Ibero-American Alliance

The Ibero-American Alliance for Access to Justice is a multi-stakeholder platform which brings together organizations and associations, including civil society, who are committed to, and working on, the provision of access to justice for all in the Ibero-American region. The focus is on contributing to accelerate the implementation of SDG 16.3 in the region with special emphasis on data and innovation, the promotion of a regional normative framework for access to justice, and people-centered justice models.

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What We Do

In dialogue with the Justice Action Coalition, the Alliance works to coordinate efforts of the justice sector ecosystem in the Ibero-American region to promote synergies, highlight and exchange best practices as well as challenges facing the sector. The Alliance’s aim is to amplify the sector’s efforts in the region along with promoting and mobilizing both political and financial support. To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and to provide language accessibility, this webpage will be maintained in Spanish, Portuguese, and English and include all activities and materials from members of the Alliance.

Working Groups of the Alliance

The Alliance coordinates its broader efforts through three priority areas and working groups: 

  • Data and Innovation 
  • Regional Normative Framework for Access to Justice
  • NLeave No One Behind: Groups in situations of vulnerability (women and girls, youth, LGBTQI+, persons deprived of liberty, Indigenous populations, ethnic and religious minorities, migrants and refugees)

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2023 Report on Access to Justice in Ibero-America


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