Violence is a preventable epidemic. We can halve global violence by 2030.

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In partnership with national governments, international organizations, civil society, and city authorities, Pathfinders' Grand Challenge on Halving Global Violence seeks to accelerate delivery of peace-related SDG targets (SDG16.1). Our bold ambition and steadfast commitment: to reduce global violence by half by 2030.

  • Task Force on Halving Global Violence

    The Task Force aims to increase ambition, attention, and successful tools to halve global violence. It is comprised of high-level co-chairs, members, and expert advisors. Pathfinders' manages two initiatives, GENSAC and Peace in Our Cities, that help turn the Task Force's recommendations into action – and in turn inform the work of the Task Force.


    Gender Equality Network for Small Arms Control (GENSAC) harnesses the strength of women leaders and allies for small arms control, conflict prevention, violence reduction, and sustainable development.

  • Peace in Our Cities

    Peace in Our Cities, a network of cities, community-based organizations, and international partners, is a platform that champions bold urban violence reduction goals and actionable ideas to achieve them.

Featured Resources

  • Cost of Violence Study: Costa Rica

    This report delves into the country's administrative divisions, shedding light on its eighty-two cantons, where critical security data is localized. Recent statistics up to September 2023 underline a concerning situation. While violence in Costa Rica remains lower than the regional average for Latin America, it is the country in the region where violence has grown the most since 1995.

  • Cost of Violence Study: South Africa

    This report presents evidence for violence prevention, with examples from South Africa and documents the enormous toll of violence in terms of both its health impact on mortality and morbidity, and its economic cost.

  • Cost of Violence Study: Switzerland

    This report documents the prevalence of interpersonal violence and its associated costs in Switzerland, and to identify policies, programs, and recommendations to address the economic impact of violence in the country.

  • The Halving Global Violence Task Force: Third Meeting

    In November 2023, the Halving Global Violence Task Force met in Durban, South Africa to finalize a plan to halve global violence by 2030.


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