Young Justice Leaders

The Young Justice Leaders are a cohort of young change makers from across the globe who are working to obtain people-centered justice for all, represent young and innovative voices, and influence international dialogues and research around justice.

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Young Justice Leaders Work Plan

To reduce the global justice gap in which 5.1 billion people lack meaningful access to justice, the 2022- 2023 inaugural cohort of Young Justice Leaders will spearhead a range of people-centered justice activities leading up to the 2023 SDG Summit. The group will facilitate dialogues, build networks, and contribute to the global justice movement and policy — demonstrating that people-centered justice is both possible and necessary.

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Meet the Young Justice Leaders!

HagueTalks: How can people-centered justices achieve SDG 16.3?

Young Justice Leaders Kelechi Achinonu, and Gulsen Guler joined this event during Hague Justice Week to put a spotlight on impactful approaches to achieving justice for all in line with SDG 16.3. and participated in an intergenerational dialogue between established justice leaders and young, emerging, justice leaders.

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Two people sitting in front of a banner and large plant at the Hague Justice Week 2023.
Speakers at the Hague Justice Week 2023

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