Justice for Children

Children are 30% of the world's population—but they are largely invisible in justice efforts. To achieve justice for children – we must involve them meaningfully.

Ecuadorian children holding thumbs up with puppets and police officers

Building on the work of the Pathfinders' Task Force on Justice, the international, multi-agency Working Group on SDG16+ Justice for Children, actively puts children and children’s rights at the center of achieving SDG 16.3 and justice for all by:

  • Bridging the worlds of children’s human rights and justice
  • Supporting the ambition of the Justice Action Coalition to spotlight children’s justice problems
  • Reinforcing child and youth participation as important ‘new partnerships’ for achieving justice for all
  • Informing policy guidance and supporting national governments to achieve justice for children
  • Harnessing learnings from innovations in response to conditions imposed by COVID-19 restrictions

group of young foreign children sitting and listening

The Agenda for Action: Four Strategic Levers That Power Change

With increased urgency and a clear vision for the future, this Agenda for Action shapes the agenda to implement change across four key strategic levers needed to accelerate change and achieve SDG 16.3 for children.

  • Building new types of partnerships, including intergenerational networks
  • Developing strategies for smarter financing; building the case to shift investment to children’s inclusion and well-being, and the political support for prevention
  • Using evidence and data to steer child-centered reforms, including disaggregated data, child friendly methodologies and child-centered views to drive change
  • Scaling up justice innovations, and applying imagination and safeguards for digital justice tools with children
  • Justice for Children, Justice for All: Agenda for Action

indian schoolgirl writes on chalkboard

Working Group on SDG16+ Justice for Children

Working Group Members

  • LEF in three boxes, with
  • terre des hommes
  • university of strathclyde

First Endorsers

  • violence against children
  • defence for children international
  • terre des hommes
  • centre for excellence
  • inspiring children futures
  • university of strathclyde glasgow
  • unicef
  • UN human rights
  • end violence against children
  • OECD
  • pathfinders
  • task force on justice
  • children and armed conflict
  • child rights connect
  • ACPF
  • global initiative to end all corporal punishment of children
  • young in prison
  • centre for child law
  • bureau international
  • HiiL
  • keki childrens rights
  • clan childlaw
  • CYCJ
  • firelight
  • child USA
  • universite de geneve
  • universiteit leiden
  • republica hrvatska



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