Inequality & Exclusion

Across the world, people are demanding action to tackle the rising inequalities and divisions that erode our societies and undermine human progress. National policies and international cooperation demonstrate that together we can build just and equal societies.

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The Pathfinders' Grand Challenge on Inequality & Exclusion is a cross-regional alliance of countries, civil society, and multilateral partners seeking to identify practical, politically-viable solutions to combat inequality, exclusion, and divisions at the national and international level, and advocating for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda targets for more equitable and inclusive societies (SDG16+). Learn more about Pathfinders' I&E initiatives.


  • From Rhetoric to Action: Delivering Equality & Inclusion

    The flagship report of the Pathfinders Grand Challenge on Inequality and Exclusion is about solutions and how they can be implemented.

  • An Age of Crises: Prospects for inequality and division

    The double shock of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been accompanied by an uptick in income and social inequalities. Looking across six areas—food and fuel shortages, inflation, debt distress, extreme climate-related events, and political unrest—there are very few countries that escape the reach of at least one crisis. New research from the Pathfinders team shows that in those countries for which complete data exists across six crises (90 in total), eight countries are at risk for being impacted by all crises at the same time. 72 out of these 90 countries (or 80 percent) are at high or moderate risk of suffering from at least three crises at the same time.

  • Housing Policy Options to Tackle Urban Inequalities

    Across the world, people are calling for action to ensure their right to affordable, adequate, and secure housing and to the city. The housing crisis is affecting cities ranging from San Francisco in the United States to Accra in Ghana, as most housing frameworks fail to respond to the growing demand for affordable and adequate housing, and the housing sector becomes increasingly financialized, treating housing as a commodity rather than a human right. The briefs elaborate on six key themes in housing policy, providing examples of innovative approaches and possible entry points to deliver equitable and inclusive outcomes:

  • Solidarity Taxes in the Context of Economic Recovery Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

    There are multiple examples of solidarity taxes imposed across country contexts over previous decades.



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