Bridging Divides and Countering Polarization

Exploring linkages between inequality and polarization, identifying solutions to bridge divides and building solidarity across groups.

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As inequalities within and between countries rise, divisive narratives and political strategies continue to polarize our societies, sow disinformation, and pit groups against each other. The growing threats of division, polarization, and the breakdown of societal and institutional trust undermine social cohesion, democracy, and collective efforts to foster equitable, just, and peaceful societies (SDG16+).

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In the past decade, the world has witnessed a concerning surge in divisive narratives, disinformation, and escalating polarization both online and offline. These trends undermine efforts to implement inclusive policy agendas and weaken existing legal frameworks. Narratives that sow discord between groups normalize prejudice and hate, and distract from addressing the root causes of inequalities and people’s grievances. This rhetoric translates into detrimental policies worldwide, posing a significant threat to social cohesion, solidarity and democracies.  How can the dynamics shift from polarization to solidarity, inequality to inclusion, and fear to hope? Pathfinders is exploring the linkages between polarization and inequality through:
  • Innovative research; 
  • Convening policymakers, experts, and civil society across sectors and countries,
  • Mobilize political actors to promote solidarity.
The hope is to pave the way for constructive dialogue and partnerships that will address the root causes of division, build solidarity, and ultimately foster more equitable societies for all.

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Featured Resource: Inequality Solutions Policies

Global policies on building solidarity, from Sierra Leone, Ecuador, and Canada, to Cuba, Colombia, and Rwanda.

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