5.1 billion people—two thirds of the world’s population—lack meaningful access to justice. To achieve SDG16+ and deliver equal access to justice for all by 2030, we need to put people at the center of justice systems and move from words and planning to action and implementation.

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The Pathfinders’ Grand Challenge on Justice acts as an impact hub, convening countries, civil society, and multilateral and regional organizations to close the justice gap by accelerating action on people-centered justice. The Grand Challenge provides a platform to exchange innovative practices on data collection, evidence-based policy making, and effective use of resources to bridge silos and transform justice systems in preventing and resolving people’s common justice problems.

  • Resource: What Does Justice Mean?

    This series explores the question, what does justice mean to people? In doing so, it unpacks the concept of people-centered justice. It aims to demonstrate that people-centered justice is a viable approach for closing the global justice gap and enabling the achievement of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Justice Action Coalition

    The Justice Action Coalition is a multi-stakeholder alliance of countries and organizations working to achieve measurable progress in justice outcomes for people and communities.

  • Young Justice Leaders

    The Young Justice Leaders is a cohort of youth change makers from across the globe who are working to achieve people-centered justice for all, represent young and innovative voices, and influence international dialogues and research around justice.

  • Ibero-American Alliance

    The Ibero-American Alliance for Access to Justice is a multi-stakeholder platform working to close the justice gap in the Ibero-American region through data and innovation, the promotion of a regional narrative framework for justice access, and a focus on people-centered justice models to accelerate SDG16+ implementation.

  • Justice for Women

    Pathfinders provides a platform for practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers to connect, and galvanizes action to develop evidence and political leadership to achieve justice for women.

  • Justice for Children

    The Justice for Children initiative is an international, multi-agency working group that actively puts children at the center of the justice movement, affirms children's rights as humans, and aligns with the SDG16+ agenda.

  • Justice for Displaced Populations

    Together with the NYU Center on International Cooperation's program on humanitarian crises, Pathfinders is working to develop ambitious yet feasible strategies and approaches to resolve and prevent justice problems of displaced populations and host communities.

  • Declarations & Endorsements

    Governments and justice stakeholders alike are taking action to set the justice agenda through declarations, commitments, endorsements, and joint statements in order to close the global justice gap and provide equal access to justice for all.

  • The Report of the Task Force on Justice

    Drawing on research by the world’s leading justice organizations and experts, the report of the Task Force on Justice proposes a different approach to justice–putting people at the center of justice systems and justice at the heart of sustainable development.

  • Justice for All Calendar 2024

    The Justice for All Calendar is a compilation of key justice events happening globally.


  • Joint Deliverables of the Justice Action Coalition Summary Report

    These ten joint deliverables were to be produced by and with partner organizations working on people-centered justice by the 2023 SDG Summit.

  • Report on Access to Justice in Ibero-America

    This report is the first joint work of the members of the Ibero-American Alliance for Access to Justice. It focuses on three different areas of endeavor: data and innovation, the regional normative framework and action plan for access to justice, and efforts being undertaken to leave no one behind.

  • Diverse Pathways to People-Centered Justice

    The report pleads for increased engagement with Customary and Informal Justice (CIJ) actors. It reviews the characteristics of CIJ, discusses why they are integral to achieving justice for all, reframes the risks of engagement and non-engagement with CIJ, and proposes ways to effectively engage.

  • Justice Action Coalition Brochure

    Learn more about the Justice Action Coalition in this short brochure.


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