Bridging Divides: Dialogues on Inclusion and Equality

From fall 2022 to early 2024, Pathfinders has convened a series of insightful dialogues examining the intricate interplay of division, polarization, and disinformation. These discussions delved into how these dynamics manifest across diverse contexts and explored emerging solutions and strategies to foster solidarity and counteract divisive political tactics.

Fall 2022: Madrid, Spain

Workshop on Narratives & Messaging to Build Unity and Promote Solidarity for Just and Inclusive Societies

The first meeting co-hosted with the Spanish Ministry of Equality centered on narratives and messaging, aiming to foster equitable and inclusive societies. This workshop brought together a diverse group of government officials, advisors, thinkers, and communication experts from fifteen countries to address global challenges exacerbated by inequality and division. The focus was on exploring divisive narratives and identifying countermeasures. Participants shared experiences, brainstormed communication strategies, and learned from various country contexts. The workshop emphasized the importance of inclusive narratives to counteract discourses of division and prejudice, thereby fostering unity and progressive changes for a more equal and inclusive society. This exchange marks the first step in a series aimed at building solidarity and delivering visible change.

Spring–Summer 2023: Virtual

Fall 2023: Durban, South Africa

Exploring the Linkages Between Inequality, Polarizing Narratives and Violence: Insights and Solutions from Around the World

During the third annual meeting of the Pathfinders’ Halving Global Violence Task Force in Durban, South Africa, co-hosted with the government of South Africa and ACCORD, the Grand Challenge on Inequality and Exclusion hosted a special session focused on exploring the linkages between inequality, polarizing narratives, and violence. With stark inequality leading to political tensions and mistrust in institutions, there's an increasing need to address the complex interplay between economic disparities, political exclusion, and violence. The session aimed to gather political leaders, experts, and civil society representatives for a peer-to-peer exchange of insights and experiences.

Early 2024: Ottawa, Canada

Header photo credit: Unsplash/Chris Andrawes