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At the 2019 SDG Summit, World leaders called for a Decade of Action to deliver the SDGs by 2030. Pathfinders calls on all stakeholders in the SDG16+ community to work together to mobilize more ambitious action to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies, ahead of the Secretary-General's first action platform for the SDGs, which will be held as part of the UN's 75th anniversary summit in September 2020.

Accelerating Action in 2020

As the 2030 Agenda moves into its second four-year cycle, SDG16+ partners should unite behind a short and medium-term objective:

  • In 2020, build on the platform provided by the SDG Summit by placing accelerated action for SDG16+ at the heart of the Decade of Action for the SDGs.

  • By 2023, turn commitments to accelerated action into measurable results for the second SDG Summit.

To meet these objectives, we need to make the case for an urgent acceleration in the delivery of SDG16+, build consensus about what it will take to close the SDG16+ implementation gap, seize political opportunities in 2020, mobilize to support accelerated action, and sustain and support implementation throughout the next four years.

Key messages for SDG16+

The Pathfinders’ experience is that four messages resonate with decision makers and broader audiences, while bringing together those working on the many issues covered by SDG16+:


Significantly reduce all forms of violence everywhere, with the aim of halving global violence by 2030.


Shift from a world where justice is only available to the privileged few to one that protects human rights and provides justice for all.


Combat corruption and transform institutions so that they can meet people’s aspirations.


Tackle inequality and exclusion so that everyone gets to enjoy a fairer and more sustainable future.

Sustained push for results

Success in 2020 will provide the basis for an ongoing mobilization to support measurable change and results.

Partners should:

  • Use each of the Secretary-General’s annual SDG Action Platforms to increase the number and ambition of Acceleration Actions for SDG16+, with the aim of ensuring that at least half of member states have registered one or more ambitious actions and that this is matched by a growing body of commitments from non-governmental partners.

  • Support national implementation and the localization of the SDG16+ targets, recognizing the need for active participation of communities in building peace, justice, and inclusion.

  • Monitor the implementation of Acceleration Actions, using Voluntary National Reviews and each High-level Political Forum to show that progress is being achieved.

  • Begin preparing early for the second SDG Summit, focusing on developing the data needed to demonstrate measurable change by 2023.

  • Systematically track results and celebrate successes, increasing the visibility of champions effectively implementing the SDG16+ targets.


The latest registered actions on targets related to peace, justice and inclusion (SDG16+).

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For more SDG Acceleration Actions, visit:

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