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Country Income Level

Discover policies addressing inequality across countries of varying income levels, showcasing valuable lessons and applicable strategies regardless of economic circumstances.

  • View of old Porvoo, Finland.
    (2008–ongoing) Housing First Policy: Finland
  • Oil and gas sea platform in the distance of a large body of water. Mountains and cloudy sky background.
    (1990–ongoing) Sovereign Wealth Fund: Norway
  • Asian senior couple are smiling and using a laptop near a window, with mountainous landscape in the background.
    (2017-2025) Digital Transformation Initiative: Taiwan
  • 1999-Ongoing Aboriginal Peoples Television Network: Canada
  • 2022-Ongoing Stated-Backed Youth Savings Account: Republic of Korea
  • 1967-Ongoing Public Match Funds for Political Parties: Germany
  • 1982-Ongoing Indigenous Self-Government: Canada
  • 2001-Ongoing Drug Decriminalization Strategy: Portugal
  • 2000-Ongoing Community Justice Center: USA
  • 2010-Ongoing Harmonized Measures to Track Equality: United Kingdom
  • Architecture of the Old Town of Sana
    (1996–2000) Public Works Project: Yemen
  • Fishermen working on small wooden ships in the river port of an ocean bay in Ziguinchor, South Senegal.
    (2015–ongoing) Emergency Community Development Program: Senegal
  • Black and white photo: back view of a woman wearing a hijab standing alone looking at a lake
    (2013-ongoing) National Referral System for GBV Victims: State of Palestine
  • 2017-Ongoing Inclusive and Decentralized Development Planning: Sierra Leone
  • 2004-Ongoing Community-Based Health insurance: Rwanda
  • 2003-Ongoing Political Reservations for Women in Parliament: Rwanda
  • 2008-2012 Land Tenure Reform: Rwanda
  • 2006-Ongoing Abunzi Mediation: Rwanda
  • 2022-ongoing Land Rights: Sierra Leone
  • (2022–present) Universal Healthcare: Morocco
  • Islamic mosque minaret in front of crowded aerial cityscape view of Cairo, the densely populated capital of Egypt, Africa
    (2004–present) Digital Financial Inclusion for Rural Areas: Egypt
  • View of Amman Hillside with red blanket hanging off the clothesline between a pole and a wall.
    (2018–ongoing) Unified Cash Transfer Program: Jordan
  • Piles of vegetables in a street market.
    (2017–ongoing) Nutritional Support for Mothers and Children: Egypt
  • Young nomad person in the desert with headscarf
    (2002–ongoing) Gender-Responsive Budgeting: Morocco
  • Moroccan little girls walking to school
    (2008–present) Conditional Cash Transfers: Morocco
  • Egyptian Money, Egyptian pound, shots is selective focus with shallow depth of field.
    (2021–ongoing) Financial Inclusion for Rural Women: Egypt
  • Stack of newspapers.
    (2019-ongoing) Media Freedom and Access to Information: Ghana
  • Islam Businesswoman working with document paper of finance on wood desk.
    (2018-ongoing) Supporting Unemployment through the Startup Act: Tunisia
  • Man with a mustache wearing a head scarf in the desert.
    (2014-ongoing) Social Protection: Tunisia