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Moving Forward Together
For Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies

We are at a critical juncture in history. The COVID-19 pandemic presents us with a stark choice: allow the impact of the crisis to result in less equal, poorer, more divided, and more violent societies; or deliver a people-centered recovery that will bolster our future. The choices we face demand moral courage, bold action, smart solutions, high ambitions, and recognition that solidarity is needed to bring us all the security and peace we want.

This Annual HLPF Publication reaffirms that peace, justice, and inclusion remain central to harnessing the political will, collective action, and economic investments needed during the pandemic response to achieve the 2030 Agenda. It identifies the agenda, windows of opportunity, and pillars for action that we should unite behind to achieve measurable progress by the SDG Summit in 2023. It also navigates a path beyond recovery towards 2030: to turn one of the greatest reversals of human development into a historic leap forward, with peace, justice, and inclusion as our compass. 

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